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Retirees & Pre-retirees

Retirement. It’s the reward we reap after a lifetime of work. But with so many unknowns about what the future will hold, planning for retirement can be nerve-wracking. The questions that swirl around can be overwhelming. How much do I need for retirement? How will I make my assets last through retirement? What is the cost of medical care in retirement? How do I plan for longevity?

The team at Pinnacle Financial Advisors works with individuals and families to prepare them for retirement, and help ensure financial goals are achieved during the golden years. We have a wide range of services and options for whatever stage of life you may be in.

Your goal is our work. As your financial planning and wealth management partner, we offer many options for you to consider when it comes to enjoying your assets, reducing your risks, and having more options to better adapt to the ever-changing world. We’ll take time to analyze your income risk and find ways to optimize corporate retirement plans, as well as emergency fund planning and much more.

We want to help you improve your standard of living, make retirement more enjoyable, and create a legacy for your family. As an additional potential benefit, there could be more left for the ones you love.

Income planning: We understand the worries that come with shifting from retirement savings to retirement income. As your partner, we’ll help guide you through the transition, especially when it comes to helping your assets and investments last.

Social Security

Social Security can be a confusing program to understand. As you approach retirement, many questions arise about Social Security. Not only do we understand the complexities of Social Security, but we also have the resources to address your questions and provide insights on maximizing your benefits based on your unique financial situation.

Estate Planning

Many individuals, couples, and families don’t just want to make their assets last for their lifetimes; they want to leave a legacy or explore philanthropic goals. Unfortunately, the financial side of estate planning is often overlooked and can have a significant impact on your family. Our team can assist you in articulating estate planning needs and coordinating with attorneys and CPAs, who are vital to the estate planning process.

Tax Planning

Taxes are a fact of life, but having a smart, tax-efficient strategy can help you keep more of your own money. As retirement nears, often times, you will have complex tax questions unique to your financial situation and lifestyle, as you begin living off of your assets instead of earned income. Our experience and understanding of the tax system positions us to provide smart tax efficient strategies to give you peace of mind.


As you age, your need for insurance may change. But just how much insurance will you need? How long will you need it? Will your needs change over time? Whether life insurance, long-term care insurance, or annuities, Pinnacle Financial Advisors can help you choose insurance to protect your family and assets.

Emergency Planning

Unexpected expenses always crop up at the most inopportune times. Whether it’s needing a new car, replacing an air conditioner, or handling a medical emergency, we can help you plan for them now. For many people, paying for high-cost expenses means withdrawing large sums of money, which will drive up their tax rate. Our team’s breadth of knowledge in financial planning and tax efficiency strategies can help you pay for your expenses in a way that maximizes your resources.