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Business Professionals

When we start speaking to business professionals, the first question we ask is, "Where do you see yourself in five, 10, or 15 years?" From there, we tackle other pressing issues, including:

  • Am I on track with savings/assets/investments?
  • How can I retire sooner?
  • How do I create a tax-efficient strategy?

Our expertise gives us exceptional insight and  allows us to align your desires with your financial plan. Using your needs, wants, and objectives as guideposts, we can work with you to craft a plan that tackles the complexities of your investments, insurance tax, and cash flow needs to ensure you get where you want to be five, 10, or 15 years down the road. We want to you in control of your financial life.

Working together, we hope to help you achieve financial independence earlier and feel the satisfaction of being able to freely choose your future.

Financial Independence

Many professionals desire financial independence to allow them peace of mind, the ability to pursue career paths with greater satisfaction or the ability to retire early. Our multi-disciplinary team can help you determine optimal placement of your assets to move toward financial independence and project when you could reach this goal.

Benefits Plan Optimization

Executive compensation packages and employee benefits plans offered through your employer are a valuable tool when saving for retirement. However, selecting the best options, understanding stock options and restricted stock units, and maximizing contributions can cause a significant amount of uncertainty. We can help you understand how your retirement plan works, how to optimize benefits, and coordinate your plans with your other retirement and investment strategies.

Tax Efficiency

Taxes create a lot of uncertainty- especially when planning your future. Income tax, estate tax, gift tax, generation skipping transfer tax...just what will you be liable for and when? Tax now, tax later, or tax never? As an executive or professional, you will likely find yourself in a high-income tax bracket. This necessitates tax-sensitivity during investment selection. Our team specializes in delivering tax efficient strategies, allowing us to recommend investments only after considering their tax impacts on you and your family.


With so many insurance programs and plans available, it can be difficult to determine the optimal solution. Whether you are self-insured or have a professional insurance plan, we can help guide you to options that are best for your situation.