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Retirement Announcement

Retirement Announcement

| July 15, 2022

Last year we notified you that one of our founding partners, Susan Talbott, would be away on an extended medical leave. We are pleased to report she responded well to her cancer treatment and is in full remission. She wishes to thank the Pinnacle community for their kind support and tell each of you that your prayers and good wishes were meaningful and appreciated at every turn.

Susan’s recovery is ongoing, but she did return to work at Pinnacle this spring, quietly working in the background on some administrative matters. Now she turns to her next chapter – retirement!

In her retirement, Susan looks forward to rebuilding her strength and concentrating on wellness. She plans to travel and there is great excitement about welcoming a new grandbaby into the family!

As Susan departs Pinnacle, she extends a heartfelt thank you and goodbye to clients and friends:

Thank you for trusting us, thank you for the relationships, thank you for the memories…
Wishing you peace and prosperity,