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Ready to Downsize? Bill Kelso Breaks Down Financial Considerations with Sedona Red Rock News

| February 21, 2019
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In a blog post for Sedona Red Rock News, Pinnacle Financial Advisors’ Bill Kelso shared tips to successfully downsize while avoiding common stressors and pitfalls. He shared his personal experience with downsizing his home and relocating to Sedona, including how he and his family managed this pivotal financial decision.

Bill explains that it is important to think long-term when it comes to the space – and items – you think you need, and to consider hidden costs for repairs, moving, new furniture, and more. He also highlighted the financial benefits of downsizing, including reduced housing costs that free up cash to pay off debt, invest, or save for retirement. 

Operating out of Pinnacle Financial Advisors’ Sedona office, Bill is the author of Pinnacle’s Financial View, a blog on the Sedona Red Rock News website that educates Sedona community members about a variety of financial planning and wealth management topics. Recent posts have covered tips for starting a business and how to maximize tax efficiency

Read the full blog post here.

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