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Pinnacle Financial Advisors Joins Global Chamber®

Pinnacle Financial Advisors Joins Global Chamber®

| January 11, 2018

Pinnacle Financial Advisors has joined the Phoenix chapter of the Global Chamber®, an international organization that connects regional companies with global-minded organizations around the world.

Pinnacle has roots in global business—our Founding Partner, Lennard van der Feltz, has deep experience working with international executives and businesses with international operations. He understands their priorities, having himself served as an expatriate international auditor at Exxon, analyzing business operations and controls throughout Europe. He and his family lived in Paris and Rome early in his career and he continues to maintain relationships with people in Europe, Australia, and of course the U.S. 

Our team’s ties to and interest in international business have remained strong, and our understanding of the complexities and financial implications of international portfolios allows us to serve clients with a variety of financial needs. In fact, Lennard and his team have deep-seated expertise in working hand-in-hand with U.S. residents who have lived and worked in other countries. These clients have international assets, whether they be property, retirement funds or other investments, and their financial plans must not only carefully consider U.S. wealth management strategies, but tackle the oftentimes complex international implications that come with assets that could be a continent away.

The resources and connections that Global Chamber® provide will help us build relationships and expand our knowledge of international business practices.

Global Chamber® works with businesses in 525 metro areas around the world. Learn more about the organization here.